At the beginning of 2017, global nickel and cobalt market was brilliant. Indonesia government issued new rules on January 12, 2017 to authorize the export of nickel ore, bauxite and other metals concentrates under certain conditions. On February 3, 2017, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resource of Philippines released the final result of mining examination which may cause shutting down or suspension of 20 nickel mines. Indonesia and Philippines are always stirring up the global nickel market. How are newly-built NPI plants going in Indonesia? Market participants may be wondering whether these projects will offset for the reduction in domestic NPI production, whether nickel ore imported from Indonesia, New Caledonia, and Guatemala can satisfy domestic NPI production, or whether China's stainless steel output will continue its streak after explosive growth in 2016. How will the government's intensifying efforts of de-capacity in iron-steel and cola industries impact on other commodities? Supported by falling cobalt ore supply from Congo and good market prospect, the prices for various cobalt products at home and abroad saw more than 50% y-o-y growth by the end of February, 2017. Will this small cobalt market be able to bear funds pressure? How will new energy vehicles development drive nickel and cobalt market? Will end-users accept cobalt price hike? Will the soaring cobalt price stimulate new capacity accessing to the market? How are China's overseas cobalt projects going? When they can provide an effective supply?

We believe that China International Ni & Co Industry Forum 2017 will give you a satisfactory reply!

China International Ni & Co Industry Forum will be held in Guangzhou City in Nov. 6-9, 2017. The meeting will be hosted by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Jiana Energy Technology Co., Ltd. who will specially co-host the forum. Guangdong Century Tsingshan Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. and Yangjiang Yichuan Metal Technology Co., Ltd. will co-host the meeting and Beijing Antaike Information Development Co., Ltd. (Antaike) will organize this meeting. Yangjiang government will give a strong support for this conference.

The forum registration is scheduled on November 6 and the formal discussion section will be planned on November 7 and November 8. November 9 is the day to visit Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology Co., Ltd.

Please schedule your time as early as possible and reserve a ticket of this important event. Conference agenda will be published on and be updated from time to time.
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